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Best creative outdoor area?

A friend sent me this photo from her local in a town on the south coast of England. Well, it made me laugh.

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It had to happen, really, didn’t it, in the wake of the smoking ban? Whereas, prior to the ban, many establishments which had chosen to go voluntarily non-smoking would advertise the fact in order to tempt non-smokers into places where they would feel “specially catered for,” now that pretty much everywhere is obliged to cater for them (even if they don’t want to), it’s smokers who need to be informed about facilities designed specifically with their needs in mind.

Prior to July 2007, I remember that trying to find out which hotels offered smoking bedrooms was a nightmare – pretty much all of them made a big “thing” about having non-smoking rooms, and the rest said absolutely nothing! Since the ban, however, it’s noticeable how many more now emphasise the point that they have smoking bedrooms, or that there is a specific smoking area on the premises.

With the steadily decline of facilities for smokers over the last decade or so, smokers have inevitably, albeit unwillingly, become a huge uncatered-for customer base, ripe for the picking for canny businessmen to market their facilities to. So it’s good to see that some hotels and pubs etc are finally beginning to recognise this, and to respond accordingly.
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September 19, 2010 at 0:11 | Unregistered CommenterMisty

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