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That Breakfast interview in full

Better late than never, you can see me on BBC Breakfast with Duncan Bannatyne (January 14, above) by clicking on the image above or this link HERE.

During the interview Bannatyne denied having written that a 12-year-old boy should be able to call the police if his mother lit up in a car while he was present. The transcript reads:

Duncan mentioned there this example of a 12 year old boy whose mother smokes in the car. In an article Duncan wrote he actually said that boy should be able to go to the police. Now what type of society ...

That’s not true Simon, that’s not true, that’s not true.

You wrote that in an article.

No I didn’t. I was asked a question: how would you police that ...

Right, it’s your view though isn’t it.

Well children at the age of 12 should be allowed to live an existence that is smoke free and not have people blowing ...

So should they ... do you really think children should be able to report their parents to the police if they do that?

I believe, unlike Simon, I am for smokers, I believe that smokers are 90% good, law-abiding citizens and I believe they will obey the law, and they will see the law and they will stop, and you know if they don’t they will be seen by police officers and other people, the children won’t have to go to the police. You know, people said this about seat belts, you can’t introduce seat belts, how will you police it? You can police it, it’s not a problem, but most smokers will stop smoking with children in the back when it’s against the law.

FACT: writing in the Observer (October 11, 2009), Bannatyne declared unequivocally:

Smoking should be banned in cars, and particularly any vehicle with children in it. On a school visit I met a 12-year-boy who wanted to be an athlete who told me that every morning his mother lit up when she was driving to school, even though he'd begged her to stop. He should be able to report her to the police [my emphasis].

"Not true", eh, Duncan? I suggest you get your facts straight next time.

Full article HERE.

Reader Comments (2)

Duncan Banatyne is an amateur when it comes to the smoking debate, he is nothing more than a second rate mouthpiece with no track record.

He would serve everyone including himself well, if he just inserted his loosely cobbled together head in his nether warm and wet orifice…and hibernated!

January 26, 2010 at 12:10 | Unregistered CommenterChris F J Cyrnik

They never learn, the black market is alive and thriving, not one penny goes to taxes.
I know a lot more about other substances now as they are being offered along with tobacco.
I have never been a law breaker, I have no problem with getting cheap tobacco, the Gov. has made criminals out of so many people.
I am sick sore and tired of 'do what I think is best for you pain in the asses'.
If the little athlete wants to shop his mum it tells me that the lies and garbage that is being fed to our children must stop before the Gov. Youth Army are advised to stick mum in a euthanasia clinic.
Let little athlete walk to school, that would stop his fear of being poisoned by a whiff of smoke, (Planted in his mind by hysterical doom laden control freaks) It might also clear his mind of toxic teaching.

February 14, 2010 at 13:52 | Unregistered Commentermary smoker

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